Call your parents and grandparents

If you’re as focused on your career as I am then I hope you’ll read this.

My grandpa, Harry ‘Horbert’ Stanton, passed away this morning. We’re burying him in 2 days.

When I moved away from home for university, and onward through my early career, my mother would call me every couple of days. It was frustrating – there’d hardly be any news after such a short time span. So why would she keep this up?

Because she cared. Did I? Of course. Well then why didn’t I call her? Great idea!

I put a weekly evening 15 minute slot in my calendar so I wouldn’t forget, and I make sure I stick to it (the call – I don’t timebox it).

Now we have regular, more valuable and more enjoyable conversations, and our relationship is better for it.

But what about all of the other people who care about me?

I’m not too busy for a short phone call every week or two. I certainly feel like I am, but I’m not, it’s just down to prioritisation, and it doesn’t take long to remind someone that they matter to you.

So now I’m reversing this little life hack. I’m adding slots for the family and friends I wish I got round to talking to more often.

We’re burying Horbert in 2 days. I wish I’d spent more time with him, but what use are regrets if we don’t learn from them?

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