Winning at Job Interviews: Asking Questions

Job interviews are bidirectional. Expect to be grilled with questions, but don’t let the opportunity to do the same slip by.

As a candidate, I’ve been told many times to think of some great questions to ask at a job interview to show interest, appear smart, or give you some kind of edge.

That will not get you hired. Don’t do that.

This is your chance to figure out if this is the right place for you, and to be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, so be prepared to make the most of it.

Here are some tips:

  • Look up your interviewers online to understand your audience
  • Learn from previous experiences and actively improve your plan for next time
  • Write it all down, or you’ll forget your questions
  • Write the answers down too
  • The only stupid questions are ones you could have easily found the answers to yourself
  • Don’t be scared to ask if you can’t find the answer
  • You’ll probably get the spiel about the role and company without asking, so feel free to note some of this down – it will no doubt answer some of your questions
  • Establish up-front what you like. What kind of environment do you like to be in? Do you want to work remotely, or do you prefer the bustle of the office? What team structure works for you? How much oversight do you need? What skills to you want to hone in this role?
  • With a clear picture of what you want, ask open questions to find out how this job will compare to that picture

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